Where's Your
Customer Feedback?

Customer feedback is often spread across multiple tools and teams. Collecting, organizing, and managing the data can be tedious, and often, crucial feedback and insights are lost.

But there's a better way for Customer Success to organize customer feedback and deliver that feedback effectively to the product team.

Care to see it?

Close the Loop

Improve collaboration between Customer Success and Product and work better together to close the loop.

The new way to close the loop

All your customer feedback in one place

InSided lets you centralize all your customer feedback, collect product ideas, and easily share insights with your team – all in one place.



Allow customers to submit feedback without friction, collect customer feedback from your customer community, and categorize it based on product area.



Get a complete picture of customer needs and prioritize customer feedback based on the product roadmap.



Communicate product updates to your customers by sharing your product roadmap, posting product updates, and publishing ideation reviews.


Your customer community at the heart of product development

Online Customer Success Communities exist at the very core of your product. Communities drive engagement, discussion, and ideas – they're the ideal place to collect customer feedback.

They allow Customer Success and Product to work together to close the loop on product feedback – showing their customers that not only was their opinion valued, but that it was in fact an integral part of the product development process.

Gainsight case study

Case study:
Gainsight’s Community-Driven Product Feedback Loop

Discover how Gainsight put community at the heart of the product development process by showing customers that not only was their opinion valued, it was also an integral part of the product development process.

Read the case study

Finally, actionable insights into customer needs

Insided's Product Feedback and Ideation feature gives you full control of your customer feedback and takes the headache out of feedback management.

Product Feedback Overview

Increase engagement through gamification

Use gamification to drive engagement, encourage ideation, and facilitate discussion among customers. Set up leaderboards and reward members with badges.


Categorize feedback by product area

Categorize feedback by product area to get a complete overview of product health and customer needs. Save views and share them with relevant teams.


Filter ideas and merge duplicates

Add moderation tags and labels to help Product prioritize feedback. Filter ideas based on engagement and avoid duplicates by merging similar types of feedback.


Review feedback and assign owners

Review feedback, assign appropriate owners, and manage expectations by updating the status. Message contributors directly and ask for clarification if needed.


Create beta groups and advisory boards

Put customer feedback at the core of the decision-making process by creating beta groups. Build customer advisory groups to get deeper insights into customer needs.


Share product updates and close the loop

Close the feedback loop by posting product updates, sharing your product roadmap, and publishing ideation reviews. Thank individual contributors for their help.


Connect your favorite tools and get greater insights

Connect inSided to the tools you use daily to create deeper insights, build smarter workflows, and get a 360° view of customer health.

The inSided platform gives us a forum for hearing from our customers: what their pain points are, what their needs are, the specific use cases or business challenges that they're working through in their own words... it allows us to better understand the relative importance or popularity of specific requests. And then in turn we get to show our customers that we're listening to their feedback and responding to it.
Lila Meyer

Lila Meyer

Director of Product Education and Community at Gainsight


A 20-minute introduction to inSided’s Ideation Module and Product Updates Module

Do you want to offer your customers a great experience when posting ideas, feedback, and feature requests? Do you want all your customer feedback in one place? Do you want a better way of organizing and prioritizing feedback?

Then join us for a no-strings-attached demo day where you’ll get a sneak-peek into how inSided can help you manage customer feedback more effectively. Plus, we’ll show you how to close the loop by posting a Product Update to let your customers know you’ve delivered on their feedback.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • An introduction to inSided
  • A look into our Ideation Module
  • A look into our Product Updates Module
  • Q&A

Register here to join us on April 1st, 2021 at 6pm CET.


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