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[Survey] How do you use technology in your Customer Success team?

Customer Success, traditionally, has been perhaps one of the most under-appreciated functions in a company. As a result, they’ve also been painfully underserved when it comes to technology.

But things are looking up. Because 2020, while a terrible year in many ways, highlighted the importance of Customer Success more than ever. And not only that, Customer Success finally received recognition as a real growth driver, rather than a mere support function.

But a common question we get from CS professionals is “Do I have the right tech-stack and am I leveraging it in the best way?”

So we decided to team up with the good folks over at Planhat to answer that question by providing an industry-benchmark. To do so we have created a quick survey.

The results will be presented in a report along with actionable recommendations and advice from CS leaders. (As a survey respondent, you’ll be the first to get your hands on this!)

Where does your Customer Success team stand when it comes to technology, data handling. and customer communications?

Take the survey (5 mins) and help create an industry benchmark, get insights from your peers, and advice from industry leaders in Customer Success.