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Stimulating product adoption in B2B software

Danielle Juson • May 3, 2019

In April 2019, Customer Success Manager at Usabilla, Marine Maupin, and Customer Experience Director at inSided, Martine van Deursen led a meetup for Customer Success professionals in Amsterdam at Usabilla’s offices.

Martine and Marine led a session on stimulating product adoption in B2B software customers, and talked through the strategies that inSided and Usabilla are using to help their customers achieve laser-fast production adoption and maximize the value they get out of their products.

Some of the topics covered in this Product Adoption session included:

  • Why product adoption is so important
  • The role of the Customer Success team — and their ‘must do’s’
  • Stimulation strategies for product adoption
  • Ambitions for the future

Take a look at the presentation here! Big thanks to Usabilla for partnering with us on this. 

inSided + Usabilla: Product Adoption Strategies for CSMs from Danielle Juson

If you're in Amsterdam, we'd love to see you at one of the next Customer Success meetups.

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By Danielle Juson

Customer success community expert and writer at inSided. Passionate about sharing the value and impact of community, and enabling companies to get it right. Connect on Linkedin

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