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Report: What's next for Customer Success?

Jo Johansson • July 8, 2021

Together with Planhat, we surveyed 150+ Customer Success professionals to get a better grasp on how the industry utilizes technology, data, and metrics. 

Because while CS teams have in many cases established themselves as true growth drivers, the industry is experiencing some growing pains. But there’s never been a better time for CS teams to step on the gas and capitalize on the momentum fuelled by a growing appreciation (and understanding) of Customer Success, not just as an industry, but as a key organizational function.

In this report you’ll discover:

  • Why CS teams have (so far) been underserved when it comes to technology
  • What keeps CS teams from optimizing their tech stacks
  • Why the 360-degree customer view (often) remains elusive
  • Why CS are focusing more on leading indicators
  • Plus! Advice on how to get more budget, foster data democracy, and how to approach metrics

Download your copy to discover what your CS peers have to say. :)

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By Jo Johansson

Head of Content at inSided. Passionate about content ops, words and horses. Connect on Linkedin

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