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Mixpanel launches Customer Success Community with inSided

We’re delighted to announce that Mixpanel—world leaders in data analytics and gathering customer insights—have migrated their community to the inSided platform.

To celebrate the launch of Mixpanel’s new Customer Success Community and to find out what tips and tricks they have up their sleeve to get the most from their community we caught up with Cherise Goode, Engagement Manager at Mixpanel.

Here’s how our chat went: 

First of all, thanks for chatting to us Cherise—and congratulations on your new community! Are you happy?

Very happy! Creating the vision QBQ: the Mixpanel Community was a long process and we are really excited to finally share it with our users! 

What exactly is Mixpanel’s mission and product, and what’s your role at the company?

Mixpanel’s mission is to increase the rate of innovation. Through our analytics platform, our customers can analyze how and why their users engage across web and mobile devices, and then use that data to improve their business, products, or services. 

My main focus is managing the Mixpanel community and helping our customers get the most out of our product. We decided to name the Mixpanel community QBQ—or “question behind the question”— because it’s a philosophy that is core to our cultural values here at Mixpanel. We believe that going beyond surface-level questions helps us understand what’s driving us to ask questions in the first place. 

When did Mixpanel first decide to start a community and why?

We launched the beta of our first Community in October 2018, with the intention of bringing Mixpanel users together to help each other answer questions and share feedback about the product. 

So you guys are at the forefront of gathering customer insights that drive real business value. How does your community feed into your overall strategy? What happened after you first launched and how did you manage to get your customers and Mixpanel employees involved?

QBQ opens the line of communication between Mixpanel users at different companies, so that everyone can chime in about the unique ways that they use the platform—ultimately increasing the rate of innovation of our own product! QBQ also enables our customers to chat directly with the Mixpanel team— ur product managers love to scroll through the ideas that are posted in QBQ and ask follow-up questions about features that they are working on.  

As Mixpanel employees, we are in the product every day and learning unique ways to get the most out of our tool—QBQ recently launched a “Knowledge Drop Wednesday” campaign to share unique use cases of Mixpanel and helpful debugging tips! 

Sounds very cool. Why did you decide to upgrade to inSided? What specific features were you looking for and how is the project going so far?

When we started looking for a new platform, we wanted three key features:

  1. Flexible platform design to make it easy and enjoyable for our users to find the information they are looking for.
  2. Gamification programs to create experiences for our community users
  3. Custom labels and spaces so that our users can better identify who is from the Mixpanel team and who are other Mixpanel users in their industry.

So far we are taking advantage of all of these features—from launching new categories, a new gamification strategy, and making it easy to spot the Mixpanel team in QBQ.

And what is the primary business goal you’re trying to achieve with the community?

Right now the Mixpanel Community Team is focused on making it easier for users to find the information that they are looking for, and share information about how they are using the Mixpanel platform.

What would you say are the main KPI’s you’re tracking for that? 

At a high level, we focus on Weekly Active Users that are viewing and submitting content in the Community. We also look at how being active in QBQ impacts user retention for the Mixpanel product.

How do you measure this and make your findings actionable?

We use Mixpanel! By integrating Mixpanel into QBQ, we’re able to create reports that analyze community metrics alongside our product metrics. 

It’s great that the two integrate. Do you have any great tips on engagement strategies that you can share with others that are looking into community options?

CSMs engage with customers every day and see how companies use their products differently. I’d encourage CSMs to use the community as a platform to share these use-cases and enable customers without CSMs to learn more about how to get the most out of their products. Community is a great place for users to learn new tips and tricks, hear about beta features, and learn from other users within their same industry.

Finally, if you had to describe the project in one word what would it be?

Only one?! Let’s go with creative. We’ve loved the opportunity to completely transform the platform and develop a brand new experience for our online community! 

Thanks so much, Cherise, for taking the time to answer our questions! We’re extremely proud to have Mixpanel on board as a customer, and we’re looking forward to a great partnership.

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