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Integration Spotlight: Increase self-service rates with Zendesk federated search

In today’s post, we’re taking a closer look at Zendesk and show you how you can increase self-service rates using the federated search integration and get customers faster 1-on-1 help by escalating tickets. Let’s dive in.

inSided’s Zendesk integration is a customer favorite. It helps you build better Support workflows and create a better customer experience by allowing customers to access the content they need.

Our Zendesk integration has two specific use cases:

  • Search for Zendesk Guide content directly in your community
  • Escalate tickets to Zendesk from community posts

Let’s take a closer look at each use case.

Community and Zendesk knowledge base content in one place

Customers want to self-serve, especially in a SaaS environment. Our job is to make that experience as seamless as possible for them by giving them access to the content they need, when, and where they need it.

Sometimes, community members are looking for answers to questions that have never been asked in your community but are available on your Zendesk Guide knowledge base. But switching between different platforms to find the right content is not an ideal experience.

That’s why we built a federated search integration that allows your customers to search for Zendesk Guide content directly in your community, saving them valuable time.

With our Zendesk federated search integration, you can:

  • Show Zendesk Guide content in your community live-search dropdown and search result pages
  • Directly navigate to Zendesk Guide articles from the community
  • Filter the search result pages between community results and Zendesk guide result
  • Configure which language and Zendesk categories to show in federated search

The outcome? 

  • Save valuable time for your customers –  No switching between platforms.
  • Increase self-service rates – Easy-to-access content means customers can be more autonomous in their journey.
  • Deliver a seamless community experience – All content in one place means a better experience for your customers.

Already a customer? Enable federated search in the Integrations tab. You need to have an integration with Zendesk Support installed.

Create tickets directly from community posts and build better Support workflows

Sometimes community members post issues that can’t be solved by the community, like a bug with one of your products, or an issue that’s unique to their account. In this case, one of the best routes to a solution is to pass the issue on to your Support team.

With our Zendesk escalation integration, you can:

  • Quickly escalate any question, conversation, or reply to a Zendesk Support ticket.
  • Set up a custom view on Zendesk for tickets generated from the community.

The outcome?

  • Quicker 1-on-1 help for customers.
  • Eliminate the frustration of switching between different platforms for your teams.

Measure and improve self-service scores with our integration-powered dashboard

The self-service dashboard shows the proportion of your customers that are able to help themselves with help content, without having to talk to your support team via a ticket. With this dashboard, you can see whether you’re enabling greater self-sufficiency amongst your customer base, or whether customers are still spending a lot of time dealing with the back-and-forth of support.

The value metric for the self-service dashboard is the self-service score. We believe that this metric is a leading indicator for NPS (users can solve problems quickly, without having to wait for a support agent). Plus, you’ll save on the time that your support team needs to spend on one-to-many issues, giving them the space to help customers with 1-1 problems that need human intervention and to support customers on a more tactical level.

With this dashboard, you can:

  • Automatically import ticket data from Zendesk.
  • Filter the content types and categories that contribute to the score.
  • Understand how your community is helping customers shift from 1-1 support to 1-many self-sufficiency.

The outcome?

  • Understand self-service scores at a glance.
  • Give your Support team space to help customers with 1-on-1 problems that need human intervention and support customers on a more tactical level

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this look into our Zendesk integration. Tomorrow, Integration Week comes to a close with a roundup of our integrations along with this week’s content. Make sure to come back then or subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss it!