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inSided welcomes two new board members and adds international talent to the leadership team

[Amsterdam, Netherlands – January 26, 2021] InSided, the Customer Success community platform, has welcomed two new board members and added two key roles to its leadership team in preparation for expansion in 2021.

The leader in Customer Success technology strengthened its board of directors with the addition of Alan Facey, as well as Erik Aeyelts Averink who will serve as the Chairman of the Board.

Erik Aeyelts Averink, with 25 years of experience as a Strategic Advisor, Board Member, and (private) Investor, has worked with dozens of software companies and has played a key role in bringing companies to global market leadership.

“As Customer Success becomes a mature industry, inSided really has the potential to carve out a new category in this new space which combines community, customer success, and customer marketing”, says Aeyelts Averink.

Alan Facey, who specializes in global expansion, has over 30 years of experience in the B2B software market and has a number of successful exits on his resume.

He adds, “inSided has a proven product-market fit with attractive unit economics as shown over the last six quarters. Scaling up both sales and marketing will be a continued focus.”

Gearing up for 2021, inSided has also added international talent in the form of Anika Zubair as VP of  Customer Success and Udit Lakhotia as VP of Sales.

Zubair, an industry thought leader, community co-founder, podcast host, and a regular speaker at Pulse, the number one global CS conference, joins the company to build a world-class customer success organization. Drawing from previous experience at multiple B2B SaaS startups and scale-ups, Zubair is no stranger to scaling Customer Success efforts and has built teams across the APAC, EMEA, and US regions and is excited to scale the CS team at inSided.

“I live and breathe Customer Success so I’m thrilled to be a part of a company where the core product is exactly that. I understand the value of a loyal community and I’m excited to help B2B companies harness the power of communities. I have no doubt that inSided’s product will help so many Customer Success teams and will become an integral part of the Customer Success tool stack,” states Zubair.

Lakhotia, who previously played a critical role at Enterprise Event Management Platform, Bizzabo, who has raised over 194M to date, will spearhead growth at inSided. Having previously built the Corporate Sales team and launched the Enterprise Go-To-Market initiatives at Bizzabo, Lakhotia is now prepared to scale the NY sales team as well as launch the Business Development arm.

“Super excited to join the incredible team at inSided, as we build the best-in-class customer community platform,” says Lakothia.

He continues, “Honestly, I love the product, and even more than that I love this idea. The idea of building the best-in-class solution that will not only turn your customers into advocates but also foster a loyal community that helps several internal teams. Especially Customer Success and Support. Communities are becoming an increasingly important asset in Customer Success stacks.”

Together, Zubair and Lakhotia will lead the efforts across the Amsterdam HQ and New York office, bringing in new perspectives and additional energy to the leadership team.

“I’m proud to strengthen the team and our ability to execute toward global market leadership. With leadership from India, USA, and South Africa and a gender diversity level of 50 percent, inSided is ready to triple its global growth in 2021,” concludes inSided’s CEO, Robin van Lieshout.