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inSided sees record 220% year-on-year growth as B2B demand for Customer Success Communities soars

[Amsterdam, Netherlands – January 12, 2021] In 2020, inSided, the Customer Success community platform, saw 220% year-on-year growth as more B2B companies wanted to leverage the power of community to facilitate customer self-service to increase retention and drive growth.

Adding 52 customers in 15 countries resulting in a 220% increase in ARR, inSided secured its position as one of the top global players in Customer Success software. The 2020 efforts also resulted in rising to Leader status on G2 crowd.

With customers like Freshworks, Looker, Hopin, and Amplitude already investing in their customer communities, inSided prepares for a market that will follow suit as more companies start to uncover the value of purpose-built customer success technology.

While SaaS adoption has surged in the past decade, 2020 pushed the SaaS industry to new highs due to Covid-19. Gartner predicted $116 billion of revenue in 2020 for SaaS, however, the change in business dynamics likely spurred SaaS market growth further.

As SaaS companies continue to experience rapid growth, focusing on retaining and growing customers becomes imperative. With Customer Success teams navigating a new landscape, more leaders begin to recognize Customer Success as not just a catalyst for growth, but as a model for growth.

“Next to its successful B2C strategy, the main go-to-market function of inSided has been focused on SaaS companies, a strategy which has proven to work. The growth we experienced in 2020 was beyond our expectations as we saw a record year in new customers,” reveals inSided’s CEO, Robin van Lieshout.

With a proven track record of churn reduction and increased customer engagement, customer communities will pave the way for creating better customer experiences, informed product development, and ultimately driving growth.

In 2021, successful companies will put community front and center of not only their customer success strategy – but their go-to-market plan.