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inSided is featured in new Forrester report: How To Modernize Digital Customer Self-Service

inSided is thrilled to reveal that we’ve been featured in Forrester’s latest report: How To Modernize Digital Customer Self-Service. 

In this report, Forrester Principal Analyst Kate Leggett takes readers through three steps to scaling and improving customer experiences for the future.

Why Read This Report?

It’s no secret that customers are increasingly using self-service as the first point of contact with customer service organizations. It’s also cler that positive self-service experiences lead to more satisfied and engaged customers. Good self-service addresses routine requests and questions and allows agents to focus on exceptions and escalations. This report highlights the importance of getting digital self-service capabilities right and helps customer service leaders understand the technology ecosystem necessary to power great self-service. 

Key Takeaways

Read Forrester’s approach to advanced customer self-service and learn how inSided is the key player for:

  • Building a foundation of answers, using knowledge management and company curated content
  • Extending reach with community answers. There is a limit to the amount of curated content that knowledge workers can produce. User-generated community content extends the reach and depth of curated content.
  • Provide better service, using context to understand what your customer needs at this very moment.

“User-generated community content extends the reach and depth of curated content. In addition, it is often written in approachable language that customers can easily understand. Forty percent of support questions at software provider Infoland are answered by other users, [using inSided’s customer self-service platform]. And these users are active — they create more content than all of Infoland’s knowledge workers combined.”

– Kate Leggett, VP, Principal Analyst Forrester


Along with vendors such as Solvvy, Bold360, MindTouch, and Helpshift, inSided’s maturity model was featured as a key figure in this report and one of our customers, Infoland, was mentioned as a prime example of leveraging community content to extend the reach of curated content (using the inSided platform).


2019-04-25 11_14_47-How To Modernize Digital Customer Self-Service.pdf - Google Drive
inSided’s B2B software maturity model


Here at inSided, we wanted to share some of our own takeaways from this report:

  • Build a foundation of answers. Start with a modern knowledge solution. These solutions support content authoring, workflow, versioning, and localization. They also support federated search, taxonomies, tagging, and metadata management. They include NLU engines and machine learning to promote or flag suboptimal content. Use cognitive search solutions to extend the reach of related content.
  • Layer on community answers while promoting unified experiences. For example, search should return content from your knowledge base and communities; community content should be recommended to be added to your knowledge base.