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Day in the Life of a Customer Success Manager

Ever wondered what life as a Customer Success Manager is like? InSided’s superstar CSMs, Julian Lindhorst and Kenneth Refsgaard, shared what a typical day looks like for them.

8.45-9.00: Enjoy the calm before the storm accompanied by a fresh brew.

9.00-9.15: Look at Slack notifications to see if anything is on fire. If in the clear, move on to Gainsight. Any CTAs (call-to-actions) that need urgent attention? Any health scores on red? A renewal that needs planning?

9.15-9.30: Check emails and calendar. Any customer meetings that require preparation? Any quick replies to get done straight away? Open the emails which spark interest/are urgent and then mark them as unread again.

“I like to always be up-to-date with Slack and email so that I can quickly react to internal and external requests that have a high priority. My customers love that they usually get a very quick response if the topic is urgent. I also check in on what my customers are doing in our community to get more insight into their current sentiment and overall health.” – Julian Lindhorst


9.30-9.35: Another batch of coffee. (Actually, make that until 9.45.)

9.45-10.00: Prep for the first customer meeting. Check Gainsight again. How’s the health score? How’s adoption going? Any open Zendesk tickets? What did we agree on in our last call, again? Oh yeah – we’d review the new success plan today!

10.00-10.45: Customer meeting. Another happy customer ready to rock with their success plan and build a highly engaged community that drives adoption, retention, and advocacy.

10.45-11.00: More coffee and making sure the meeting notes in Gainsight are clear to everyone (not just the CSM).


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