insi-ded: Customer horror stories

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Customer horror stories: An ill-fated meeting

Today’s inSi-DED story teaches you a lesson in networking. Kind of. TLDR Networking isn’t always a good thing. Especially when two customers are paying very different prices for your product.

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Two of our customers met at a conference. Sounds harmless, right? Networking is always great.

Except when it isn’t.

Because despite there being a clause in their contract that prohibited them from disclosing pricing, they shared with each other exactly what they were paying for our platform.

In terms of size, they were very comparable customers. But what we were charging them was extremely different due to us viewing one as a more strategic customer. This, of course, made us more willing to come down in price.

Needless to say, the other customer was infuriated that they were being charged so much more than their peer, and they felt – and I quote, “that we’d made them look like a ‘sucker.’”

It was a horrifying situation that took an incredible amount of time and effort to remedy. Luckily, we managed to pull it off and the customer is still with us today. 


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