Mike Barnes

What’s the future of the Customer Success tech stack?

This week in our blog series, This is Digital Customer Success, our Head of partnerships, Mike Barnes explores why there isn't a blueprint for the CS tech stack and what the future holds.While it’s no longer debatable the importance of Customer Success teams, there are still many questions surrounding what a successful CS org should look like. The priorities, KPIs, and company maturity can vary greatly which impacts how a team is structured. So as CS leaders select which tools their team needs within their tech stack, there isn’t a blueprint for what’s needed today, let alone several years from now.To help understand this dilemma, let’s start by taking a deeper look at what's currently shaping the customer success tech tool belt and what you can expect in the next couple of years, including - CS team maturity, product-led growth strategy, and the increase of VC investment.

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