Laura Narušytė

Top Tips for Successful B2B Customer Communication

Good communication is vital if you want to improve your company’s bottom line and grow your business. When you communicate well with customers, your chances of success in business increase exponentially. Check out this guest blog from Omnisend on the best strategies for successful B2B customer communication. B2B companies use various marketing communication tools to retain existing customers, connect with new customers, and focus on turning prospective customers into sales. There are a whole host of ways of spreading the message—emails, webinars, live chats, communities and contact forms, to name but a few! But the most important thing to keep in mind? You must ensure that communication with your B2B prospects or customers takes place on their preferred channels. Check out the stats in the diagram above showing the preferred customer 1-way communication channels for contacting B2B vendors in the United States. For instance, if a customer or a prospect sends you a Facebook message, they expect a response on the same platform—and soon. If you don’t respond quickly, they’ll probably go to your competitor, who probably offers better customer service and at least responds to inquiries on time.

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