Erika Villarreal

Guest post: 5 myths of Digital Customer Success

This month's guest post is brought to you by Condeco's arguably most customer-obsessed CSM –  Erika Villarreal. She's about to bust five myths that all too often hold CS teams back when it comes to implementing and running digital-led customer success programs. Let's hear it!Digital customer success has been a hot topic lately.Let’s start by defining what digital customer success is, and for this, I’m going to quote Brian LaFaille’s definition as I believe it is the most straightforward and simple definition out there: “Digital customer success is personalizing (and automating) customer journeys at scale.”Many companies are starting to evaluate digital strategies to continue to grow and drive adoption at scale. This strategy plays a very important part in a business because it improves inefficiencies, reduces overall costs, and allows your CSMs to serve more customers.Building a digital engagement strategy is no joke. The biggest challenge is making sure that your customers’ experience isn’t impacted during their journey. Because digital customer success is still new, it’s surrounded by many myths and misconceptions that can sometimes create confusion for teams looking to implement this strategy in their organization.So, it’s time to bust five of the most common myths of digital customer success.Here goes.

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