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8 signs of a healthy (customer) relationship

It’s 2022. We don’t do toxic relationships anymore. That’s why, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re discussing what qualities to look for in a healthy customer relationship that truly has the potential to go the distance. 

We’re all about forming healthy and happy relationships, especially with our customers.   Yup, we’re in it for the long haul. And just like any other relationship, the same principles apply. Trust issues? Not around here. Neglect? Nah-ah. Support? Always.

Here are eight reasons why we think we make the perfect community partner.

You can trust us

It goes without saying that trust falls first on our list. Trust is a two-way street. A person can only trust someone through mutual respect and time. At inSided, we value building trust with every customer so they believe in more than just the product but the people who help them use it. Here’s what Marine Fourcroy, Community Manager at BNP Paribas Fortis had to say:

“Amazing product and trusted team. The platform is full of features. New features are added regularly. This platform allows us to exchange with our customers in a pleasant environment. The inSided team is also so professional and friendly.”

We’re here to talk, whenever

A close second to trust is good communication. Healthy and long-lasting relationships all involve productive communication where even criticism and feedback are welcomed. Here’s what two of our customers had to say:

“Excellent community platform with fast time to value and a great team. The sales process was very customer-success centric (success plan and business goals) and it was quick to get it live. It is simple to set up and customize and we received exceptional support from the onboarding team.” – Alex Farmer, Vice President of Customer Success, Cognite. 

“Great way to engage your customer base. The platform allows for a huge amount of customization in the way that it is set up, which means you can truly make it feel like part of your own product.” – Chris Jones, Customer Success Director – EMEA.

We’ll be your support system

Knowing that whenever you have a problem, someone will be there to listen and help you is what you’d hope for in a partner. InSided promises that our support team will help you answer any question from onboarding to special requests. Here’s what Pipefy’s Community Manager, Juliana Spinardi had to say:

“Incredible tool! It’s a super user-friendly platform, it’s easy to customize and interact with members. I also like the gamification, the possibility to add badges and curated content in a simple way. The support team is always ready to help and very fast replying to requests.” 

We’re attentive to your needs

When you’ve been in a relationship long enough, you tend to know what your partner needs without them even having to tell you. We like to think that we understand what our partners need and can exceed even the expectations that they have for us. Here’s what two of our customers had to say:

“Great software and amazing partners. InSided has been a great partner with us through the entire process. Their community platform has been a huge upgrade over our previous provider (who was much larger). They made the migration easy for us and the platform is configurable. The engineering and CS teams have gone above and beyond to ensure our success.” – Julie Oddo, former Head of Customer Empowerment, Glint.

‘Love inSided. We have been working with inSided for a few years now and couldn’t wish for anything better. The support team is quick, friendly and knowledgable. Our CMS meets with us every month and always keeps us up-to-date. As a former community manager, he really knows what he’s talking about and sees things from our point of view. The development team is always busy and working on innovation and through their own community they really keep taking us with them on their journey. We always feel part of the team instead of seeing them as a company that works ”for” us. Whether we’re talking about engagement or more technical stuff: no topic is too big or too small. I also love all their features and possibilities which keep on improving every year. Last but not least: their office is great and I love the meetings I’ve had over there. Always lots of inspiration, cool people and great snacks. And beer pong is awesome as well.” – Monique van de Beek, Community Manager, Consumentenbond.

We’re flexible

Being flexible may not be a key pillar in every relationship, but it certainly helps. Life can be challenging enough and sometimes you want to make things as easy as possible for the person you care about. We want our customers to feel that way. Here’s what this senior solutions architect had to say:

“Very impressed by the flexibility of the platform and the very guided onboarding process. The User Interface configuration capabilities are amazing, especially the recent Wysiwyg customizer. One of our main constraints was branding and we were able to build an interface that perfectly matches our themes and identity.

Our onboarding got delayed due to internal schedule conflicts, Shane our customer success consultant was very patient and very helpful in reorganizing the roadmap to better address our constraints.

The Inspired community knowledge base is very rich and makes it easy to find solutions to commonly asked questions.” – Narcisse Zekpa, Senior Solutions Architect.

We make time for you

It’s not just spending time together that will necessarily strengthen your relationship, but making time in your schedule to spend with your partner shows they value you. Here’s what one of our customers had to say: 

“The platform is really solid, but the biggest thing is the support. Any time I need help, they’re there. The support is the best. They are always there when I need them. They still reach out even when it’s out of their time zones.” Administrator in Telecommunications. 

We’re good listeners

Being a good listener fits in well with being a good communicator. In order for you to communicate well with your partner, you have to know what they want, how they feel, and see how you can help. Oftentimes, we tend to be waiting to talk rather than just listening. However, at inSided, we want to hear from you and take your feedback into consideration for future updates. Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

“Listen to their customers, delivering new features. When I have a question I get helpful answers from all around – product managers, support, customer success. Everyone seems willing to help and stick with me even on tricky issues. They have a great knowledge base that covers many questions and is very responsive to other questions. They’ve made many major improvements in the platform since we’ve been with them, most of which we can directly benefit from. They also give access to beta features one-by-one if you ask. The customer peer group is extremely helpful.” – Administrator in Computer Software

We want to grow together

One of the less talked about (but essential) qualities of a healthy relationship is the ability to grow together. inSided wants to help you grow and scale like no other partner has done before. Here’s how we helped Polco Connect’s Director of Customer Success, Heather Locke.

Great for education and building our community! Our community forum – Polco Connect – has been instrumental in educating our community at scale. Each time we recognize a question or a need for clarification about either how to use the product or how to understand basic general questions (in our case on survey research), we can create an article that addresses it. So the Knowledge Base has been the most popular function, and as our community grows more questions will be answered by peers rather than through articles. We’re excited to ignite more conversations among our users and bring in their feedback about our platform through Polco Connect, directly through our Product team. The team at inSided has been outstanding in their customer service when we’ve had issues and in their general educational support.” 

Ready to improve your customer relationships with us? 

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