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7 Activities to Boost Community Engagement

Community engagement is not created overnight. It takes time and dedication just like any other fitness goal. Here’s seven ways to build your online community strength.

1. Leaderboard lunges

Put your community members to the test and see who is the most engaged. Reward your members with badges to encourage competition

2. AMA abs

Put Why assume what your community wants to know, when you can just ask them? Create an ongoing ask me anything (AMA) series that allows your users to get answers to the burning questions they have.

3. Spotlight squats

Featuring your community members not only gives recognition to those in your community, but it helps people get to know who else is interested in the same causes as them.

4. Blog burpees

Content doesn’t have to come in the form of blog posts, but it can help you inform and educate those in your community who aren’t willing to read a whitepaper but are looking for a deeper dive than a simple tip or two.

5. Channel chest press

If you’re looking to grow your community muscles and expand the numbers, you’ll need to promote it. Utilize your channels with the most reach: email, social media or events. You can even utilize your current community to spread the word in exchange for rewards.

6. Partner push-ups

Influencer marketing isn’t just for B2C. Utilize those who have large followings or niche followings in a related space to help you spread the word. It doesn’t have to be a million followers, think of micro-influencers! Those will be easier to approach and help you find the exact group of people you want to attract.

7. Data deadlifts

Community metrics help us to keep a finger on the pulse of our communities and determine the health of our members. Bring community data into your customer health scores to create a more holistic picture of customer health.

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