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Clarabridge & inSided


Clarabridge integration

Analyze, track, and engage with your customers like never before. Integrate inSided & Clarabridge Engage for a clear view of community and customer engagement.

Why integrate with Clarabridge?

  • Analyze community trends
  • Easily track community activity
  • Efficiently respond to all enquires

inSided & Clarabridge

Combine the power of inSided and Clarabridge Engage and deliver exceptional customer experiences through conversation analytics and effective engagement.

Easily manage your Community

  • Real-time notification functionality allows you to stay on top of any activity in the Community. 
  • Create a unique Inbox for Community Posts for easy management and responding to enquires.

Boost your efficiency

  • Combine all social channels, including your Insided Community in Clarabridge, for reporting on volumes, sentiment, trends, and much more.

  • Connect your inSided Knowledge Base and Clarabridge Engage and streamline communication between your Digital Agents and customers.

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