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On-demand webinar: Customer Feedback in the Era of Digital CS

How do you collect and make sense of customer feedback when customer feedback is everywhere? Expert panelists Anika Zubair, Rick Adams, and Gurprem Sagoo discuss how to best collect, manage, and prioritize customer feedback in the era of digital Customer Success.

Customer Feedback
Watch the webinar panel discussion where Customer Success leaders Anika Zubair, Rick Adams, and Gurprem Sagoo discuss the impact and implications of Digital Customer Success and how it changes how we handle customer feedback.


Anika Zubair, VP of Customer Success, inSided

Rick Adams, CEO and Founder, PracticalCSM
Gurprem Sagoo, Customer Success Manager, Planhat


Remco de Vries, Head of Marketing, inSided


In this webinar you'll learn:
  • What digital CS is and what impact it will have in 2021

  • How the digital era impacts how we leverage customer feedback

  • How you create the foundations for collecting customer feedback

  • How you leverage customer data in the feedback process

  • What the CS tech stack looks like for collecting customer feedback

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