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Threat Intelligence industry

Power customer success in cyber security

How cyber security and threat intelligence leaders have boosted their bottom-line with community-led growth

  • Scale customer support
  • Efficient customer success
  • Product ideation
  • Engagement & gamification
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Threat intelligence market

Why community-led growth is inevitable in the Threat Intelligence industry

In B2B, your users are the greatest source of success. Scale support by letting your users help each other, and feed user expertise straight into your knowledge base and in-product support widgets. A community serves as your customers' go-to place to have a fun, interactive, and secure place to exchange information and interact with each other.

How a community directly affects your bottom line

When you give customers the necessary tools they need to succeed, you increase the likelihood of them always getting maximum value from your product, and they become more likely to stick around. Essentially: The performance of your Customer Success team directly affects your bottom line.

Our recipe for customer success


Build Engagement & Advocacy

Keep your customers engaged, creating long-lasting relationships that eventually benefit your bottom line. Beat their expectations and create advocates for your business & products

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Get Product Feedback & ideas

Leverage your customer community to get easy access to invaluable Product Feedback, best-practices and open up your roadmap to user generated ideas and ideation requests.

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Scale growth through self-service

Stay ahead of the ever-growing pile of support tickets and FAQs by adopting a Customer Success Community platform to enhance your self-service capabilities.

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Leading cybersecurity companies are already using inSided

Cyber threat intelligence companies like Webroot, LogPoint, and Kaspersky Labs choose inSided as their User Community Platform.

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"With inSided, we're able to run more efficiently while being less reliant on other teams. This is a huge win for us. It's important to be able to react and make changes as fast as possible in our industry. Everyone at inSided has been great to work with up to this point. We wanted to work with a company that values their customers and view them as true partners—we feel that with inSided."

Drew Frey

Senior Communications Manager at Webroot

Take a look at some of our customer's communities

Our customers create beautiful and incredibly diverse communities on the inSided platform. Here are some examples:

Threat Intelligence


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