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When considering to build or replace a help center, there are 5 capabilities you need to understand and embrace as a software company. This report gives you a deep understanding of these capabilities.
  1. Rich help content
  2. Real user Q&A's
  3. Smart search
  4. Assisted channels when desired
  5. Intelligent distribution of content

Business users should get the maximum value out of your software. They will have questions and will need recommendations on how to use your product. The best way to help them is effortless, everywhere, hyper-relevant and human when desired. Your digital help center is the foundation to fulfil this promise.

Boost your help center

with 5 incredible features your customers are looking for

About the author

Bart Meerdink, Strategy director at inSided

Bart Meerdink is a passionate speaker, lecturer and Social Business Strategist with 10 years of experience in digital marketing & social strategy. A common theme in his work is humanizing digital, in his belief the only relevant differentiator in this increasingly automated world.