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Product Feedback & Ideation

Gather, understand and prioritize user feedback with a Customer Success Community

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Let customer insights shape your product roadmap

Include the voice of the customer in your ideation process and build a product that fits their vision as well as yours.

One secure, centralized, feedback hub—and you're in control.

  • All of your data is in one place. No more wondering which customer requested what feature on what channel.
  • Easily create beta groups of select users to test new features and iron out any bugs before they are fully rolled out.
  • Talk openly with your customers about potentially sensitive feature updates and product suggestions on a secure platform.

Take the stress out of analyzing and prioritizing feedback

  • With communities users can comment and vote on what’s right, and what’s not, about your product.
  • Prioritize feature requests based on popularity, or use integrations to filter on engagement and ARR.
  • Communicate with customers on a one-to-many basis to explain roadmap decisions. Being transparent helps you build trust.

Integrations streamline your ideation process

  • Track the relationship between community engagement and product usage with our Mixpanel integration.
  • Optimize your product feedback workflow in Jira from community to engineering.
  • Integrate with Salesforce to effectively prioritize ideas and feedback based on customer data, like ARR.
  • Integrate with Customer Success solutions like Gainsight to create a 360-degree view of the customer and their product usage.
  • Use your community the way it works for you—integrate with Google Analytics, Slack, Zapier, Miro and more...
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Whitepaper: Product-User Feedback Loop

Get the guide and find out:

  • How to close the product-user feedback loop

  • The most effective ways to prioritize feature requests

  • How to get insights into your product from your users

  • How best to engage with your users and drive product adoption


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