Skilljar integration

Boost customer training, product adoption, engagement and retention with powerful integration. Combine inSided & Skilljar for a unifying experience of community and education to drive engagement.

Why integrate with Skilljar?

  • Self -service customer training made simple
  • Seamlessly access all training and support material through community

inSided & Skilljar

The inSided platform offers so much more than just a customer community. Combine the forces of inSided and Skilljar and merge all resources across channels to drive product adoption, customer engagement, and customer retention. Use the integration to create a customer-first mentality by providing access to resources wherever and however, their customers need it.

Integrate Community and Education to optimize the customer experience

  • Providing a great customer experience and building strong customer relationships is mandatory from the start. Combine the power of customer community and customer education and drive customer engagement and retention, boost product adoption and scale your Customer Success team.
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Webinar: How Customer Communities and Education Can Drive Engagement

How do you build a sustainable foundation for customer advocacy? Glint's cracked the nut by unifying Online Community & Customer Education programs.

Understand how: watch the on-demand webinar.

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Seamlessly access all of your resources

  • Allow your community members to search through your community content AND Skilljar educational resources simultaneously. Saving them valuable time and increasing self-service rate.
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Cheat Sheet: inSided integrations

Integrations can change the game when it comes to community success. Download our quick Cheat Sheet to find out how.

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