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Mixpanel integration

Trend data and product management metrics like never before. Integrate inSided & Mixpanel for a clear view of community and product usage

Why integrate with Mixpanel?

  • Analyze community trends
  • Track and sync user profiles
  • Access clearer engagement insights

inSided & Mixpanel

The inSided platform offers so much more than just a customer community. Combine the forces of inSided and Mixpanel to double down on increasing engagement, conversion and retention. Use the integration to track metrics from % usage of your product to the total number of seats.

Track trends and get proactive

  • Track trends coming through from your community: Content views, topics, likes, and more.
  • With Mixpanel’s powerful insight reporting and dashboards, you'll discover new opportunities to boost engagement to a new level.

Drill down to specific accounts and members

  • Drill down into specific community member data through automated create-and-sync user profiles in Mixpanel.

  • SSO-ready: Report on your user’s community and product accounts together with a combined 360 view and track the relationship between community engagement and product adoption.


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inSided mixpanel integration for success and saas

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Analyze user behavior across your sites and apps. Then send messages and run experiments from what you learned–all in Mixpanel.

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