Mixpanel integration

Integrate inSided & Mixpanel to measure trends in community engagement and self-service, and provide a 360 user view of community and product usage

Why integrate with Mixpanel?

  • Analyze community trends
  • track and sync user profiles
  • 360 view of engagement and product usage

inSided & Mixpanel

inSided is more than just a user community. As a product manager you want to track all sorts of metrics: From features, to % usage of your product, to the total number of seats, and that’s what Mixpanel does best. Combine your inSided community and Mixpanel, to unlock a wealth of data ready to drive your business forward.

Key features:

  1. Track trends in your community’s content views, topics, likes, and more with Mixpanel’s powerful insights reporting and dashboards - discover opportunities to grow your community engagement and self-service

  2. Drill down into specific community members through automated create and sync user profiles in Mixpanel

  3. SSO-ready - report on your user’s community and product accounts together with a combined 360 view - track the relationship between community engagement and product adoption


inSided mixpanel integration for success and saas

About Mixpanel

Product and behavioral analytics for Mobile, Web, App and more.

Analyze user behavior across your sites and apps. Then send messages and run experiments from what you learned–all in Mixpanel.

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