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Get your users instant, contextual support right where and when they need it most: in your product or app as they are working with it

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inSided contextual in product app support

Instant help, when your users need it

Users should not have to leave your app in order to get the help they need.

Use our in-app assistant to get them answers to all of their questions, 24/7, without having to wait. All of your company content and the content from your community, knowledge base or help center at their fingertips.

Contextual support

We know where your users are when they are using your product, so why not proactively try and help them out? Our tooling understands where your users are, and what they need.

Smart search

Let no question go unanswered. Our smart search connects company knowledge, your help center & community content to formulate the best possible answer to a question.

Integrate seamlessly with popular ticketing systems such as Zendesk

Is there really no self service option to solve a problem? Connect your users to your ticketing system or support team and make sure no question goes unanswered.

Knowledge base & community

Your knowledge base & community are instantly accessible for effortless access to anything your users need to enjoy your product.


Stimulate engagement, resolve problems

An engaged user is a loyal user.

Don't set out to interrupt users when they are working with your product or app. Boost engagement, product adoption & problem resolution by making sure they have all the information they need available immediately. 

We were already known for our high quality support, and that is something we want to keep providing, even with the high growth that we are experiencing now. With inSided, our customers can get excellent self-service with the help of their peers. This enables our support team to focus on the more complex requests and create new valuable content. Our efficiency and effectiveness increased significantly!


Reduce support tickets

Why manage tickets when you can deflect them?

Empower your customers by offering them self-service to solve their own questions—or those of their peers. Leverage your own community through our in-app assistant and instantly resolve over 25% of support tickets on average.

Customer success and outstanding customer support

Scale customer success

Customer experience is one of the biggest differentiators these days, so it's best to take your customers' happiness seriously.

Don't force them to re-read unrelated FAQs, fight with a chatbot or wait in line to get connected to your support staff. Empower them to take care of themselves—and others—through our online customer self service solution.

All benefits, no stress. A powerful SaaS solution.

Future proof SaaS customer support software

Future-proof SaaS solution

Automatically get all new features and updated functionality with no development support needed.

Easily integrate with your ticketing software like Zendesk

Easy integrations

Our powerful API and webhooks integrate smoothly with third parties.


SSO and social authentication

Easy single sign on and social authentication — let non logged-in users engage too.

Clear SaaS subscription pricing model

Clear pricing, no surprises

Choose the right package for your business to get all the features you need and none that you don’t.

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