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Whitepaper: The Product-User Feedback Loop

Download this whitepaper and discover how to get smart help from your customers and amplify your product team’s results.

The product-user feedback loop whitepaper cover
VP of Product, Chief Product Officer, Product Owner or Product Manager: regardless of your job title, you're likely facing a barrage of similar challenges when it comes to building an impactful, influential product—with features, functionality and iterations that your customers LOVE.

Are you making the right decisions when it comes to prioritizing your team’s backlog? Is your roadmap really on track for the future vision of the company and product? 


In this whitepaper we’re going to explore how creating a more reciprocal, customer-centric relationship with your users—via an online community platform—can really push your releases from “that’s cool” to “WOW! Nailed it.”


What's inside:
  • How product and users tie together

  • The product-user feedback loop

  • Product insights from your user community

  • Building the right product—together

  • Product adoption

  • Practical advice & pro tips

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