The thought of migrating your community to a new platform can seem overwhelming...


...So we developed IDIS: InSided's Data Import Suite to make it easy and secure. We can migrate your community including most of its content quickly and secure, without downtime.


What makes migrating using IDIS special?

Multi-vendor support

We support data imports from most community vendors. Examples are: Lithium, Jive, Getsatisfaction, Vanillaforums, Rightnow, vBulletin.

Customizable imports

IDIS allows for customization when additional data needs to be taken into account (e.g. when importing additional profile fields)

Don't lose any

We are able to import most if not all data, including (but not limited to): users, categories, forums, content (topics, posts, etc), metadata, statuses and more.

Keep your SEO

IDIS automatically ensures that all big search engines change the URL's of indexed content to new URL's (if they should change).

Our migration process in summary

Migration process inSided

 It goes without saying that we will be there to guide you through this entire process, or handle some of the steps on your behalf.


Scope of migrated data

Below you will find a list of the data that IDIS is able to import if all the requirements are met (for a list of exact requirements please refer to our Data Migration requirements document below). There are other types of data not included in that document that CAN be imported if full documentation and data is available.

  • Users
  • Forums/Community
    • Categories
    • Subforums
    • Labels
    • Roles & permissions
    • Settings
  • Topics/Threads
  • Posts/comments
  • Content/statuses (Community, blog, ideation, etc)

More questions about migrations? Contact us below to discuss moving your community to inSided!


Download our Migrations Infosheet