The Community Platform Selection Guide is the comprehensive resource for choosing community software that you've been looking for.  Whether you’re actively searching for the best community platform to fit your needs or still considering whether a customer community is a logical strategy for your brand, you'll find all of the guidance you need to make your next step right here. 

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Download The Community Platform Selection Guide today and learn:
  • Which features and functionality the best community platforms have in common
  • What type of community concept your business needs
  • How to choose the right platform - including a comprehensive feature guide and checklist 
  • How to create an impactful community launch plan that delivers results
  • Get top tips for running a successful community - straight from community management experts

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Online customer communities 

Where consumers meet.

Online communities powered by customers, product users, enthusiasts and brand advocates play a hugely important role in how consumers find and gather information. Think of the last time you had a question about your mobile phone contract or a problem with one of your electronic devices. Chances are, you hopped on to Google and it led you straight to an online customer community, where other folks just like you were already discussing the topic and helping each other out.

This is the power of communities for brands.

The ability for companies to provide a space in which their customers can get their questions answered and their problems solved - at a fraction of the service cost of traditional call centers.

Choosing the right community platform

Before you dive in and potentially lose your footing, it’s vital to understand what functionality will help your customer community

  • How should you approach building your first community?
  • What do you expect it to bring to your business?
  • And finally, what software should you buy?

There are a whole lot of options out there, each offering different features, use cases, functionality and integrations. Choosing the right one for your company can be a real challenge.

Don’t panic!

This is exactly why we’ve created the Community Platform Selection Guide - to help you through the process of
determining the right strategy and finding the best-fit vendor for your needs. This guide, in eBook format, covers everything community-related to help you truly scale your customer service through community success.

The Community Platform Selection Guide covers:eBook Community Platform Selection Guide

  • the essential steps you need to take before you even start the vendor selection process
  • the evolution of online communities over the past couple of decades
  • practical 'pro tips' for building an effective community
  • how to evaluate community vendors based on both product features and service offering
  • and a comprehensive feature comparison checklist to use during your vendor selection process

Which community concept does your business need?

Activate, engage, delight. 

Download The Community Platform Selection Guide today and define a community concept that will meet your organization's goals. Establish what 'community success' means for your business and discover what you must have in place before you launch your community. Master the varying features and functionality different community vendors offer and confidently select the right platform for you.  

More questions about choosing the right community platform for your business? Send us a message - we're always happy to help!

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