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What 3 NPS Leaders Have In Common: A Focus on Digital Engagement

The three highest-Net Promoter Score telcos in the Netherlands share a focus on digital— and just as importantly, they all use customer communities powered by inSided.

As Telecompaper reported last month (free registration required), Simyo, T-Mobile, and KPN lead the field in NPS.

Simyo is No.1 with an NPS of 30, while T-Mobile and KPN are close behind at 26 and 22, respectively. (Here’s an explainer of how NPS scores work. Note: the median for all companies is just 16.)

Not only do all three telcos use an inSided community to connect with and support their users, they’re actually some of inSided’s first customers. What sets them apart, in other words, is a longstanding commitment to great customer experience.

For brands that want to optimize CX, a community is essential. The reason is that there’s no more powerful tool for engaging people across the digital customer lifecycle.

What 3 NPS Leaders Have In Common: A Focus on Digital Engagement

As inSided’s head of consultancy services, Rogier, explains in this video, communities allow prospects to get in-depth product information from their peers. That improves transparency and, in the process, makes shoppers more confident.

The impact of this increased consumer confidence is real. One telco in Europe sees 4X more conversions to its online store from community traffic compared to social-network traffic.

But increased sales is just one of the ways communities add value; many brands also use their communities to save millions of dollars a year from their customer-service costs.

Simyo, T-Mobile, and KPN all leverage their communities for support, enabling customers to get support and advice from their peers. These communities serve as a constantly evolving knowledge base. And in some cases, community members know even more than a brand’s support agent.

This was the case at T-Mobile, which was so happy with the content its customers produced that it now publishes their advice on its FAQ pages.

It’s because they enhance transparency and CX at all stages of the customer journey that communities help to boost NPS. There’s real financial value to NPS gains, as Telecompaper notes in its report: Better NPS scores are correlated with higher customer spending (to the tune of €5 per month) for European telcos.