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Integration Spotlight: Get a 360° customer view with Salesforce

In today’s post, we’re diving deeper into our Salesforce integration to show you how you can combine the power of two of the most powerful tools in your CS tech stack – your CRM and your community platform.

inSided’s Salesforce integration enables you to build a 360º degree view of your customers by pushing community data into Salesforce to power customer marketing and Customer Success workflows based on enriched data to develop better customer experiences. Plus, you’ll benefit from advanced and custom reporting capabilities using combined Community and CRM data.

Our Salesforce integration has three specific use cases:

  • Get a 360° view of your customers by pushing community member and activity data to Salesforce to enrich your data points
  • Escalate community posts to Salesforce cases and improve your workflow
  • Use federated search to allow customers to search the community and Salesforce knowledge base simultaneously, saving them valuable time

Let’s take a closer look at each use case.

Get a 360° view of your customers by pushing community data to your Salesforce CRM

Our Salesforce integration helps you get a greater business context to better measure the impact and value of your community and identify where you can improve. We place a particular emphasis on enabling reporting at the Account level, so you can more easily measure the engagement of users of your community based on their company as well as their individual profiles.

  • Get a 360° view of every customer’s community activity, making sure you’ve always got the full context easily to hand when communicating with customers.
  • Get insights about the engagement levels across your customer base to understand the reach of your community and see how it’s been adopted by your customer base, as well as which customer segments you can target to improve community membership and results.
  • Provide better context for your product team on customer ideation, by identifying which ideas are most popular amongst different customer segments (you can even link ideas to account ARR!).
  • Power custom marketing and customer success workflows by combining community and CRM data, for instance, running targeted email campaigns segmented by package to engage users.

Simplify your support workflow with Salesforce case escalation

Sometimes community members post issues that can’t be solved by the community, like a bug with one of your products, or an issue that’s unique to their account. In this case, one of the best routes to a solution is to pass the customer’s issue on to your support team.

  • Create Salesforce Support Cases from any community post, enabling you to save time, instead of manually submitting issues reported by your customers through the community
  • Navigate to the Case you created directly from the community post in Control.

Already a customer? Learn more about setting up the integration here.

Search for Salesforce knowledge base articles with Federated Search

Sometimes community members are looking for an answer to a question that has never been asked in your community but is available on your Salesforce knowledge base.

Using our Federated Search integration with Salesforce, your community members will be able to simultaneously search through your community content AND Salesforce knowledge base. This saves valuable time and increases your self-service resolution rate.

Using Federated Search you can:

  • Show Salesforce articles in your community live-search dropdown and search result pages
  • Directly navigate to a Salesforce article from the community
  • Filter the search result pages between community results and Salesforce articles

Measure Monthly Active Customers (MAC) with our integration-powered dashboard

With our Salesforce integration, you can analyze how many of your customers (on company level) are actually engaging. By looking at the percentage of Monthly Active Customers, you will have a powerful way to really understand how your community is delivering value and growing across your whole customer base.

By getting insights into the specific customers that are or are not engaging you can define strategies to improve your content, how to distribute it, and to whom. You might find out for example that customers are only active during a specific phase in their journey, or are not aware of the existence of your community. By having insights like that you could improve the way you promote and invite customers to your community or start sending them community updates.

Tomorrow, Integration Week continues with a closer look at our Zendesk integration. Make sure to come back then!