Increase online sales and improve customer support

Customers have questions, when they buy or use your products. With inSided, customers get advice right where and when they need it: on your site, in your mobile apps and when searching the web. And get quality answers from the best possible experts, your own community of loyal and experienced customers.


Increase in conversion and order value

Customers who get advice from other users are more likely to buy and will spend more.


Increase in organic traffic

User-generated content from customers ranks high in Google and drives extra traffic.


Reduction in customer service costs

Customers get quality answers from customer experts, so they don’t contact your service center.

NPS +18

Improve customer experience

Quality advice and service from other customers improves the overall experience.

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Community platform

Our community platform provides a central place for customers to ask questions, start conversations and help each other. Engage your customers with gamification and empower them to answer 50-80% of support questions.

Embeddable widgets

Make community content accessible across your website. The right content will help customers maximize your product and make quick purchase decisions. Our easy to use embeddables integrate relevant content on every page.

True SaaS

Quick implementation, low costs. Our platform is 100% SaaS and easy to configure. Enjoy a faster time to market without having to worry about extra development resources or hidden costs. You can even get started today.

inSided platform for self-service and commerce

Provide your customers with relevant and trusted advice from other customers, agents and partners.

Advice from your own customer experts

Advice from your own customer experts

Activate & motivate your customer experts with gamification & rewards.

Capture and reuse answers

Capture and reuse answers

Capture expert answers and build a knowledge base as you go. So no question will be answered twice.

Conversations everywhere

Conversations everywhere

Enable customers to ask questions and get answers on all your channels.

Relevant, instantaneous answers

Relevant, instantaneous answers

Serve out most relevant content using machine learning and AI. Or connect to an expert.




user experts


customers served every day

Customer success is a mindset to us

We are more than just technology. We are inSided, committed to building success. Get started within a couple of weeks.

We help you to start and show success within 6 to 12 weeks

Realize immediate community growth with an active userbase within 6 to 12 weeks.

We help you to grow your platform and continue to deliver value

Continue growth and turn your community into a source of value for your customers & organization.

We help you set ambitious yet achievable goals and show ROI

Show value and ROI and secure internal support and resources.

We help you to build and train your team, and learn from peers

Build a world class community team, keep them trained, get proactive advice, support and insights.

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The Community Platform Selection Guide
The Community Platform Selection Guide is the most comprehensive resource for selecting community software. Whether you’re actively searching for the best community platform to fit your needs or still considering whether a customer community is a logical strategy for your brand
- you’ll find all the guidance you need to make your next step right here.
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Discover how you can turn conversations into value.

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