Webinar: Next Generation Customer Communities

Join Bart Meerdink, Strategy Director at inSided, as he covers some of the future-proof strategies he has learned by onboarding hundreds of customers

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What did we cover:

In this webinar we will urge you to think differently about your community. We’ll show you a way to provide quality self service for your customers, using the latest community technology.

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A new perspective on your (future) community

Communities can deliver great value in terms of contact reduction, SEO, improved customer satisfaction and sales attribution. But is the current setup of your community really future proof? 

Communities shouldn’t be isolated from the rest of your online channels. How can you integrate your community content into other touchpoints like web, app, voice and bots? How can you provide answers to potential customers right where and when they need it? 

Key takeaways include:

Why traditional communities are not future proof
How community content can fuel other digital channels
How leading brands run their communites, including cool benchmarks


Bart Meerdink

Strategy Director at inSided

Bart Meerdink is a passionate speaker, lecturer and Social Business Strategist with 10 years of experience in digital marketing & social strategy. A common theme in his work is humanizing digital, in his belief the only relevant differentiator in this increasingly automated world.


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